Saturday, 11 March 2017

Preparing for the Future - Questions of the unknown

Assalamualaikum everyone...

Lately, I have been thinking on how I will shape my future until I die... when will I die? How do I make an estimate of this... I need this to chart out how long I need to prepare for myself... here are the data about my family that I know:

  • Rasulullah passed away at the age of 63
  • My father passed away at the age of 58
  • My mother passed away at the age of 70
  • All of my siblings are still alive and so far have no chronic disease, at least not that we know of
So, I decided that I will use Rasulullah's age when he passed away since it falls right between my father's and mother's.  If 63 is the age when I will die.  Then, I have exactly 19 years to live in this world.

What do I  need when I am old (perhaps between 50 - 63):
  1. Home - should I finish payment for my house or should I just let the insurance take care of it when I die?
  2. Car to move around - the last car I own must be bought at the earliest when I am aged 53.  So that the car will not give me much problem during my old age.
  3. Savings - how much will I need to live on per month after I have retired from my job? RM6000 per month, if I still haven't my mortgage at that time?
  4. Work - until when should I work? 55 years old? 60 years old?  After that what will I do?
  5. Health - can I afford to have terminal illness like cancer, diabetes (my mother had it), high-blood pressure? No-way.  I am afraid to eat the medicines, period! What more to eat it on a daily basis non-stop... what a scary thought...
  6. Legacy - how much, what should I leave for my children after I am gone? house? Land? I don't have any land... Money?
  7. Supporting my children - how can I continue to help my children after they have start working and get married?  Should I help to take care of my grand children.  I needed help when my children were small and suffered when trying to juggle office work while taking care and keeping my children happy.  I hope my children will not have to go through the same struggles that I went through... what kind of support can I give my children in the future?
  8. Activities - what do I do on daily basis once I have retired? Learn agama? but I want to learn now, why should I wait until I am old... should I take-up gardening? but I hate gardening... I like beautiful flowers but I don't like waiting for it to bloom... nope gardening is not for me either... what then.. hmm..
Are you thinking of the same thing as I do?  What is in your plan list when you are in your 50s and 60s?  Care to share?  I will tell you what I am planning for my old age in my next writing ok... but these questions are going round and round in my head for quite some time already...  I am thinking about it but not doing any action yet to answer or shape the future for myself...

Let's sleep on it some more.  Tonight, I am leaving a whole lot of questions to all of you and me too... Good night then, sleep tight... Lots of love from me to you... Let's be happy and live to find redha Allah so that we will go to Jannah... May Allah always help us and always be by our side to keep us safe and in this religion, Islam, until death comes...


-yellow rose-

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